£4.75 per Square meter

Without regular carpet cleaning, the bacteria, pollen, and other microorganisms that your carpet has absorbed could potentially impact your health

To determine the area for cleaning, measure the room’s width and height and multiply them (e.g., a 4×3 meter room equals 12 square meters). You can use a smartphone app or a physical tape measure.

We charge £4.75 per square meter, which includes a stain protector shield to maintain better indoor air quality,

Stair cases charged at £3.75 per step

Note : Anti insect treatment available at £1.00 per square meter


£23.75 per seat

Regular upholstery cleaning removes the dust and improves the durability of the upholstery, making sure your furniture lasts a longer time

Our professional upholstery cleaning service covers sofas with one or more seats, and the pricing structure is based on a rate of £23.75 per seat. Including fabric protection coat.

Note : Anti insect treatment available at £3.00 per seat.


£75 any size mattress

Getting your mattress cleaned at least once a month is important mattresses are loaded with things that we don’t want to sleep with , Allergens , mite feces , dust mites , viruses , bed bugs , dust , dead skin , bacteria, fungal spores any many more , get your mattress cleaned and sanitised for a better nights sleep.

We offer a comprehensive mattress cleaning service that rejuvenates both the surfaces and sides, restoring the original health, color, and texture. This service is available for all mattress sizes at a rate of £75.

Note : Anti insect treatment available at £12.50 per side.


£55 Standard

Cotton or synthetic rug cleaning – £15 per m2

Wool rug cleaning – £18 per m2

Viscoe, rayon or silk rug cleaning – £25 per m2

Persian rug cleaning – £35 per m2

Rugs act like filters absorbing these airborne allergens, bacteria and toxic pollutants. By regularly cleaning your rugs, not only do you improve the look and hygiene of your floor coverings, but also the air quality of your space.

Note : Anti insect treatment available at £2.00 per square meter.

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